What Sets Us Apart -
Education And Learning

Hawthorn Street lives and breathes best practice. We combine old-fashioned wisdom with the most up-to-date research into early childhood development.
It all comes together in our educational program that embraces a play-based curriculum, interest- based learning, and daily excursions.
Hawthorn Street educational leaders maintain professional relationships with experts in early childhood learning. Our innovative programs inspire teachers and capture the children’s imagination.
We know a smooth transition to “big school” is the foundation of your child’s future success. Our school-readiness program co-designed with teachers ensures your child has the skills and knowledge to transition with ease.
Young children play to learn. Our fun-filled activities informally but strategically integrate learning about phonics, numeracy, and problem solving. Children learn when they use their imagination and creativity. Our innovative environments appeal to every child. Please visit and explore and discover for yourself.