What We offer

There are no added costs to families at Hawthorn Street. We include all meals, nappies, resources, daily excursions, and craft materials as part of your fees. What we do add is safety. It’s our first priority. Supervision and safety go hand in hand, and we always meet or exceed regulatory staff levels. Qualified staff improve safety outcomes. All our teachers and staff members have first-aid qualifications and child protection clearances. Children are precious and we know just how quickly they can get into trouble. They love to climb, swing, and explore. Our play spaces and equipment comply with best-practice safety standards. And our teachers actively involve themselves in children’s activities and play.
Our children learn a lot from messy play, but our centre is pristine. We keep to strict cleaning and maintenance schedules to always ensure a superior level of hygiene.
We know some children can’t eat certain foods. No problem. Our menu caters for allergies, anaphylaxis, religions, and beliefs.
Hawthorn Street educators look out for each child’s needs and teach them to treat others with care, empathy, and respect.